Monday, 21 January 2013

Market Square - An Introduction.

Hey Folks,

Welcome to the website for my DIY record label 'Market Square Records', I started the label in 2012,  mainly because I was so goddamn bored and tired of the current music scene in the UK, believing it to be pretty stagnant and insignificant, not too mention wanted to start something cool and interesting in my locale of West Sussex in the UK.

The manifesto of 'Market Square' is to release, when funds are available, cool records featuring either myself and/or eventually other groups/artists who I enjoy. The backdrop of Market Square is to release recordings whilst staying true to ourselves with integrity, each Market Square product will be released in limited quantities, fully self-financed and completely free from any profit-making music business ideals or what I'd consider "bullshit", each band and artist who I work with will get the same as everyone else and I will endeavour to put out the best product I can for them.

I am only going to be releasing limited edition 7" vinyl 45s in a 300 quantity, once items are sold-out, that's it, they're gone…. each band I work with will get around 14% of the pressing (40 copies of the 45)

I have no idea how long this may last, nor do I know how many records will be released, all I know, is I am gonna try hard to remain virtuous and stay true to an ethic I believe art should be made in… I kind of want the label to be like an 'indie' label of old.

I have a specific idea in mind for the label and hope over the next few years to get it up to some sort of grade which I believe and have faith in.


Paul Messis   January 2013.

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