Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Space Agency - Bombay Potatoes b/w Purple Power MSR-03

The third 45rpm single on Market Square comes from South-Coast instrumentalists The Space Agency, the single is limited to 300 copies only, housed in a cool picture sleeve and is individually hand numbered, you know the drill by now.

The Space Agency are one if not thee best instrumental group around today, The Hove based trio comprise of; multi-instrumentalist Simon Jones (ex- Vibrasonic), who takes care of the songwriting and all of the lead 6-string duties alongside Hiromi Jones, rhythm guitars and bass vibrations (sometimes even the baritone guitar too) and on the drum-kit good friend Andrew Bowler who holds the whole trip together with some tight snare and symbol playing.

The A-side 'Bombay Potatoes' hits first like some long-lost exploitation movie soundtrack, Jones providing the right amount of reverbed guitar and some great electric sitar playing courtesy of the Coral Sitar Guitar, the track meanders mesmerically until it erupts in fuzz at the end, the perfect psychedelic instrumental ... a way hip floor-filler for any Disc Jockey who has any sense.

The B-side 'Purple Power' is a menacing instrumental, with sniggering guitar lines, amplified by Fender's glorious treble tone, this is a surf-styled instro which even the best of 60s combos would be proud of having in their set, fluid playing once again by Jones throughout not too mention great and equally creative accompaniment by his backing band.

'Market Square' are proud to unleash this instrumental two-sider, making for the perfect psychedelic anecdote for a hazy UK Summer.

Be sure to grab this 45 quick, or suffer the fate of being a Hodad.

Recorded in Hove East Sussex 2012 - 13                                                      RELEASED - 26th August 2013

Available Here -  www.marketsquarerecordings.bandcamp.com (on release date)  
                            PLUS... numerous outlets worldwide and of course via the band themselves./SOLD OUT



Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Young Sinclairs - Engineer Man b/w Problems MSR-02

                                  The Young Sinclairs  - Engineer Man b/w Problems   MSR-02

The sophomore single on 'Market Square' is a wonderful release by Virginia based folk-rockers The Young Sinclairs,  this 7" single is strictly limited to 300 copies only and each will be individually hand-numbered.

The Young Sinclairs' newest 7" offering here on Market Square Records (based outta West Sussex UK) is a double-sided jangle fest with layers of vocal harmony, bringing to the listener a strange yet familiar echoing of bands from yesteryear, groups such as The Byrds, The Who, Powder and Big Star, to name but a few. Samuel J Lunsford, creative leader of The Young Sinclairs combines his influences well and creates something solely his own, unique to himself as a songwriter and hopefully to you the listener as well.

The top-side 'Engineer Man' hits first with perfect power-pop precision, pitch-perfect harmonies and a steady driving-beat throughout, the flip hosts the melancholic 'Problems' which sends us into all too familiar terrain when someone we love, gets up and goes... The sentiment endorsed further by fantastic usage of chiming 12 string guitar and melody-lines straight outta the Brian Wilson songbook.

Be sure to grab this great 45 fast, it's a killer.

Recorded at Magic Twig Studios - Feb/March 2013.                                RELEASED 10TH JUNE 2013.

Available Here -  www.marketsquarerecordings.bandcamp.com   
                            PLUS... numerous outlets worldwide and of course via the band themselves.

Folks who are carrying this 45 include...

Soundflat Mailorder (Germany)
Rough Trade (UK)
Norman Records (UK)
Crocodile Records/ Vinyl Revival (UK)
And also the good folks at State Records (UK) and 13O'Clock Records (USA)


Monday, 21 January 2013

The Market Squares - Afternoon Tide b/w Inside My Mind MSR-01

                       The Market Squares - Afternoon Tide b/w Inside My Mind   MSR-01

The debut 45 release on Market Square is the aptly titled 'Market Squares'  this 7" single is limited to 300 copies only and are each individually hand numbered.

Both sides are lo-fi basement psych, both tracks are written by P. Messis and mixed by C. Laporte.

Paul Messis - Vocals, 6 & 12 String Guitars, Percussion
Calvin Laporte - 6 String Guitar, Bass, Autoharp, Percussion, Vocal
Evan Smith - Drums, Percussion, Vocal

Recorded in Nashville - August 2012.                                RELEASED 4TH FEB 2013.

Available Here -  www.paulmessis.bandcamp.com & various other places worldwide.


Market Square - An Introduction.

Hey Folks,

Welcome to the website for my DIY record label 'Market Square Records', I started the label in 2012,  mainly because I was so goddamn bored and tired of the current music scene in the UK, believing it to be pretty stagnant and insignificant, not too mention wanted to start something cool and interesting in my locale of West Sussex in the UK.

The manifesto of 'Market Square' is to release, when funds are available, cool records featuring either myself and/or eventually other groups/artists who I enjoy. The backdrop of Market Square is to release recordings whilst staying true to ourselves with integrity, each Market Square product will be released in limited quantities, fully self-financed and completely free from any profit-making music business ideals or what I'd consider "bullshit", each band and artist who I work with will get the same as everyone else and I will endeavour to put out the best product I can for them.

I am only going to be releasing limited edition 7" vinyl 45s in a 300 quantity, once items are sold-out, that's it, they're gone…. each band I work with will get around 14% of the pressing (40 copies of the 45)

I have no idea how long this may last, nor do I know how many records will be released, all I know, is I am gonna try hard to remain virtuous and stay true to an ethic I believe art should be made in… I kind of want the label to be like an 'indie' label of old.

I have a specific idea in mind for the label and hope over the next few years to get it up to some sort of grade which I believe and have faith in.


Paul Messis   January 2013.