Thursday, 19 July 2018

The Cool Greenhouse - London b/w The End Of The World - MSR-022

The Cool Greenhouse are the latest shining light from the UK's underground punk scene.

This is the debut record by The Cool Greenhouse, merging Messthetics stylings with lo-fi minimalistic leanings and fronted by the mysterious and enigmatic Tom Greenhouse.

The 7" comprises of two tracks.

"London" details the band's short-lived misadventures as residents of London and their attempts to grapple with the extortionate rent, the extortionate coffee, their own unwitting complicity in gentrification and the invasion of green parakeets, among other things.

The B-side "the End of the World" espouses the view
 that the impending apocalypse might nto be so bad after all. Or at least that that's the best available perspective given that individual environmental efforts seem to be something of a red herring in the face of corporate and state apathy.

The 7" is limited to 300 copies only and come housed in a Riso-graph fold over sleeve, with a double-sided insert and a piece of genuine rubbish from the streets of London.

Released 6th July 2018

All copies on Market Square's bandcamp are totally SOLD OUT but you can still buy a copy directly from the band at The Cool Greenhouse Bandcamp

As well as the usual outlets of -

Rough Trade (UK)
Norman (UK)
Sorry State (US)
Florida's Dying (US)
Neck Chop Records (US)
Clearspot (Europe)
Episode Sounds (Japan)
Strange World (Australia)

and a host of other record stores worldwide.

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Sunday, 28 January 2018

The Wrong Society - Tell Me You'll Be Mine b/w I Really Don't Care - MSR-020

Hamburg's The Wrong Society return with a brand-new 45 and also their second on Market Square Records. 
Tell Me You'll Be Mine b/w I Really Don't Care see's the band continue advance their sound within the Moody Garage genre proving themselves to be one of Germany's best and most authentic garage bands at the moment.

Both sides are influenced by the many American 60s band that came from cities and suburbs throughout the US during the period 1964-68. The Wrong Society's sound closely resembles the bands that were coming out of the Mid-West and New England at that time and both sides of this 45 would fit perfectly well on a Teenage Shutdown compilation.

"Tell Me You'll Be Mine" kick starts with angst ridden chord strumming and a constant drum beat holding the thing all together, lyrics about the rejection of modern-day relationships and snotty attitude in abundance, the song has a super nice minor key refrain and ear-piercing fuzz guitar interlude, a real neat piece of 60s style garage.

The flip "I Really Don't Care" recalls the Paragons with the bouncy organ and major chord progression, the lyrical connection ties in with the A-side and makes a great companion piece to the 45 all round.

Limited to 300 copies house in fold-over risograph sleeve and brown-paper inner sleeve, each copy is hand-numbered.

Released on February 12th 2018

The 7" can be purchased from Market Square Shop as well as a host of other outlets.

Also can be obtained via the band themselves at their gigs.

we sure to give the band a like on their facebook page  Wrong Society Facebook

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Skiftande Enheter - Mördande Rutin b/w Jag Har Fått Nog - MSR-021

From the back streets of Goteborg, Sweden come a new breed of DIY punks in the form of young four-piece Skiftande Enhenter.

Skiftande Enheter consists of Julius on Telecaster Guitar, Viktor on Bass, Mattias on Organ and Elin on Drums.

Sweden as a nation has always been on the pulse of ever changing styles and sounds and have always produced home-grown bands which often outshine other groups from around the world but sadly none of these bands ever really get much notice. Here at Market Square I've really loved the music Julius and Co have made and really wanted to release a 7" for them to expose them to more people from around the world.

This new 2 sided single consists of two brand new songs written and recorded by the band in late 2017.

Mördande Rutin is a short and spikey piece of primitive punk with scratchy guitars and bubble gum organ, Julius shouts lyrics full of angst (sung in Swedish of course)

The B-side Jag Har Fått Nog is some of the snottiest punk in Europe continuing in the same attacking style as the A side, this track however slays all squares in its path, Julius lets out one of the most ear-piercing screams committed to record in 2018.

Be sure to go and give the band a like on their Soundcloud page  Skiftande Enheter SOUNDCLOUD

you can also hear both sides of the new 7" here too.