Monday, 8 December 2014

Talbot Adams - Green Girl b/w I Love You So MSR-06

Market Square Number six comes in the form of 'dream-laden' outsider pop by Mississippi based singer-songwriter Talbot Adams.

The Green Girl b/w I Love You So 45, features two great lo-fi indie-pop tracks from Talbot Adams, Talbot lives in Oxford, Mississippi however has had quite a chartered music career, he is a well-known name on the Memphis punk scene as well as being in bands such as The Black and Whites, The Royal Pendletons and KBD styled punkers  The Dutch Masters amongst others.... however this 45 - Talbot's third solo single under his own name. Green Girl b/w I Love You So, showcases some of Talbot's more gentler songs and Market Square are exceptionally proud and pleased to be working with Talbot Adams.

Green Girl, begins with a simple drum-pattern which recounts 60s girl groups like the Ronnettes, Talbot's vocal enters singing lyrics about lost-love, a meandering bass-line flows through the song, with acoustic jangle and a Moog synth glide effortlessly underneath, Green Girl is an understated pop-song, creating a great stoned-summer vibe.

I Love You So, the flip, is even more dreamy and chilled... pretty much picking-up where the A-side left off, this track is almost indie-pop and has a real trippy Paisley Underground feel yet at the same time, it sounds like a slow-motion doo-wop song, this is where Talbot is great, he writes songs which you can't quite work out, it sounds modern, it sounds old, all in all, that is a great skill which Talbot has as a songwriter, regardless of styles, these tracks are cool and the 45 as a whole, is a real nice listening experience.... As mentioned above, ideal for a stoned Indian summer gazing into the eyes of a loved one.

Recorded in Oxford Mississippi Summer 2014                                                              RELEASED - 19th January 2015

Limited to 300 copies only, housed in a pic-sleeve featuring a hand-drawn picture by Talbot himself..... buy it now!!!

Available to purchase via  plus numerous outlets worldwide, email me to find out if the 45 is near to where you live.

Also... check out Talbot's other 45s and LP  via, Talbot will be selling copies of this 45 at his shows, so go and show support to both him as a musician and the label, buy picking up the 45 direct from him.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The Suburban Homes - The Suburban Home E.P MSR-05

The fifth 45rpm single on Market Square comes from the primordial cesspit which is Crawley, West Sussex UK

The Suburban Homes, sick to death with their lot in life, decided one day to record a few songs, they were so bored but it turned out to be a somewhat fun process and did indeed brake up the Monday to Friday existence they all hated, the songs were recorded in a few hours and  thus Market Square are proud to be releasing the angst-ridden neurosis which is The Suburban Home E.P.

The title track 'Suburban Home' kicks off  the proceedings with true snotty bombast, picking out all the faults with middle class living, age is of no concern for "The Homes", in this track, no-one is safe, they despise your kids, your grandparents and even your dog.

The flip-side, kicks off with Pseudo-Intellectuals, which was written after the boys had returned from a trip to London, London seemed an even more idiotic place than Crawley, so with that in mind, they picked up their guitars, played three chords and simply tell it as it is. 
The E.P is rounded off with the lacklustre theme for doing-it-yourself, the rather originally titled D.I.Y, sings the praises of  individual creativity  "its easier than 123, its easier than ABC " they yell, however, how many people are actually listening?? 

The Suburban Homes take DIY punk to its next original conclusion and thus have most likely created one of the truly last punk moments in UK music.

Recorded in Cheriton Kent  June 2014                                             RELEASED - 25th August 2014

The Suburban Home E.P  is limited to 300 copies, housed in a photocopied fold-over sleeve in three colours (white, blue and yellow)  within also contains an insert and a slice of 1970s medicated toilet paper (for listeners who may have a nosebleed or soil themselves.)

Available Here - (on release date)  
PLUS… a handful of  other outlets worldwide such as....

Florida's Dying  (US)

Mutant Records (France)
Rough Trade
13O'Clock Records  (US)
Normans Records
State Records via Ebay
Crocodile Records 
Clearspot  (Netherlands)  


Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Michael Lynch - She's On Her Way b/w This Girl MSR-04

The fourth 45rpm single on Market Square comes from New York based Singer-Songwriter Michael Lynch who provides two great pop songs for this his debut 45 release.

Michael has been a mainstay on the New York gig circuit for a long time and has worked in various guises over the years, he has also appeared in many different groups whether just playing a number of instruments for others  or producing them, all in all, Michael Lynch is a super talented guy and I am proud to be releasing a 45 for him on Market Square.

The A-side 'She's On Her Way' is an early Beatles styled melodic pop tune, superbly catchy and real short clocking in at just over 1 minute 50 seconds, Lynch soars through chord progressions whilst the song ebbs and flows with rich sounding drum fills and neat vocal harmonies sung over even neater vocal melodies... this is one which could've come straight outta the Brill Building in 1965, the song also hints towards Sunshine Pop groups such as The Yellow Balloon and The Ohio Express, fans of that kinda 60s pop can't fail with this.

The B-side This Girl' is a fantastic song, written in a moody jangle pop style, the song is the perfect three minute pop song, a universal theme which we can all relate with sung with great emotion from Michael, 'This Girl' like the top-side, is complimented by great musicianship and harmonies, a fantastic song making this a great pop two-sider.

Recorded in Long Island, New York  2013 - 14                                                     RELEASED - 7th April 2014

Available Here - 
PLUS… numerous outlets worldwide and of course via Michael's own bandcamp page