Saturday, 27 April 2019

Rob Noyes - You Are Tired b/w Nightmare Study - MSR-025

Rob Noyes is a musician based in Somerville MA and has been unearthing some of this times most interesting and emotive acoustic guitar-folk music since folk boom of the early-to-mid 60s. 

Acoustic guitar experimentalism has been occurring since the invention of the guitar and Noyes is a new purveyor of this experimenting with his ragged and complex mastery of his main weapon; the acoustic 12-string.

Market Square are proud to be releasing the music from such an artist and are happy to grace Rob Noyes onto the 45rpm format.

After a couple of acclaimed LPs on other labels and also being a musician within the Boston punk scene Rob welcomes the 45rpm format with two beautiful and interesting instrumental
 acoustic tracks.

Side A, You are Tired features amazing finger-pick style utilising both a calm and destructive mood, the tracks title producing imagery whilst you are listening and to a degree the sounds send you back to a time. similarly to other such guitar luminaries within the same genre such as John Fahey, Sandy Bull, Robbie Basho to name a few. Rob is an extension of their ideas, using his guitar to express meaning and emotion and he does it very elegantly on this opening track.

Side B, Nightmare Study is a different piece altogether, hypnotic and swirling and filled with the fear only a nightmare can provoke.
This is where Noyes excels in his guitar experimentalism, sound experimentalism and technique experimentalism all at once, yes we have traditional song craft still present but there is something else too, something unique. We can hear a kind of Henry Flynt vibe merging the essences of Raga, Folk and Experimental music together. Rob is also playing this live, there is no backwards tape or effect and this is testament to the genius of Rob and his playing.

All 45s are limited to 300 copies and come housed in a duo-tone Risograph sleeves and each copy includes a hand-numbered single sided postcard.


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